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Your semester is in full swing by now, but if you’re anything like me, you’re not even close to seeing the end of the tunnel yet.

Spring semester has a nasty habit of being like that. It calls itself “spring,” like it’s going to be warm and happy and painless, and then it fucks you up the butt from January all the way to May. That’s why for this Mental Health Monday, I’ve enlisted Lou to talk to us about eliminating stress in college students.

At Uninspired, the point is to help you be better at adulting. Mental Health Monday in particular helps you do that by teaching you how to manage your emotions, and giving you hope that you can do it. This is a big transition you’re going through! You might need some help.

This post may be specifically geared toward stress in college students, but these tips are great for people in their twenties in general! You’ll find a lot of different foods to keep yourself naturally healthy and energized (while this semester rams you or just in case you have a supremely busy lifestyle post-grad). You’ll also find some ways to make money online, a natural way to improve your memory, and more!

Everyone's semester is back in full swing, and that means you have to deal with all the stressors that come with that PLUS being a functioning adult. Get good grades, exercise, socialize, get eight hours of sleep, blaaahh blah blah. These 14 tips for eliminating stress in college students will help you balance it all!


Lou’s tips about eliminating stress in college students are really, really awesome and helpful. However, there are times when they may not be enough. That’s why I compiled this list of mental health resources that I’m offering you for free. It’s full of hotlines for lots of different situations including substance abuse and trauma, as well as online counseling options through BetterHelp. BetterHelp is a great option for people who are struggling but don’t have enough time or money to visit a therapist’s office. Check it out and get a free 7-day trial with this link. And don’t forget to claim your list below!


Top Tips To Eliminate Stress in College Students

“Now that the college students have returned to school, it’s important to stay healthy and manage all the stress you all endure. Unfortunately, not many students only have to study while they’re at school. For example, many are working part time jobs after classes to pay for their expenses. This can cause a lot of stress and the reality is, worry won’t make it better! Here are some tips to help you mentally and physically manage your anxieties:

1. Sleep

Sleep is important for managing stress in college students. As you well know, 7-8 hours is an ideal amount of rest. This is important not only so you can stay awake during your classes, but it helps with your memory! Your brain transfers things over to long term memory while you sleep, which is a big part of the reason staying up all night to cram for a test is a bad idea.

2. Limit the technology

Turn off technology equipment 30-60 minutes before planning to go to bed. I know; this is a tough one! It’s also beneficial to turn off your cell phone when you are doing your homework or projects to eliminate the constant distraction. It is better to take a break and check your phone for 5-10 minutes every hour as a reward for good studying than letting it be an interrupter of your focus. I have been trying to teach this to my daughter all through high school!

3. Limit sugary foods

Try to minimize or even ditch sugary foods. They are an energy booster, but that energy boost is followed by a crash. Protein is much better because it lasts longer. Almonds are a great, high-protein snack you can bring to the library with you while you study. You can also start your day with eggs for a protein boost, or have chicken or lean beef for lunch.

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4. Surround yourself with laughter

You can eliminate negative energy in your circle by surrounding yourself with laughter.  It might not be easy to eliminate negativity since you don’t have complete control over your surroundings in college, but it helps to look for people who are smiling and laughing more than they’re complaining.

5. Meditation

Meditation for just ten minutes a day helps calm the mind. Wake up and take a few minutes to tell the divers three things you are grateful for today. It starts your day in a place of happiness and love.

6. Some foods are particularly good for stress relief

Some important foods to include in your diet for stress relief and to help enhance cognitive function are green, leafy salads. Include vegetables such as kale, spinach, and broccoli.

Citrus fruits are loaded with vitamin C and potassium. This will help you fight off colds and other viruses, which really, really make it hard to get out of bed for class.

Blackberries and strawberries are known as the two top brain berries. Studies show they may help prevent memory loss, which is helpful for your academics!

Salmon, herring and trout are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Your brain doesn’t make omega-3s on it’s own, but not getting enough in your diet has been linked to mood disorders like anxiety and depression. Stress in college students doesn’t need to be exacerbated by unnecessary anxiety!

Mixed nuts, pumpkin seeds, and dark chocolate are excellent snacks. Nuts are high in protein, while pumpkin seeds and dark chocolate are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants prevent other molecules from oxidizing, which can damage your cells!

Coffee is actually a brain-booster as long as you don’t drink the whole pot! Drinking more than 1-2 cups will give you the jitters and increase your heart rate. Then you’ll start to feel anxious and actually lose focus.

7. Keep hydrated

If you weigh 100 pounds, you should drink 5-6 8oz glasses of water per day. The water in a healthy smoothie or juice with no sugar added can be included in your daily count, but iced tea or soda that has caffeine should not.

8. Keep a planner

If you need to work part time in addition to classes, or if you’re heavily involved on campus, managing your day by writing it all down, even on your phone, will help you stay on track. Take a half hour on Sundays to schedule your whole week ahead of time. Then you’ll easily be able to tell when you’re getting your assignments done, or how you’ll squeeze in some type of exercise.

9. Make your money online

Many students are now discovering ways of making money without leaving the dorm. This is where the world of internet marketing can come into play for the right candidate! Here is one company to give you an idea of what is out there for you. Click here.

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10. Eat breakfast

You can manage your stress better if you start your day with a healthy breakfast. Grab a whole wheat bagel or toast, a piece of fruit, and some juice if you’re in a hurry.

11. Pack snacks!

You might be out of your dorm from 8m to 8pm. You’ll need some snacks to keep you going, so keep some in your bag! Pack some dried fruit, plain popcorn, or whole wheat crackers and cheese for some quick go-to snacks between classes.

12. Avoid synthetic smart drugs

During those stressful study periods before exams, avoid consuming synthetic smart drugs. If you need a memory booster, try an all-natural dietary supplement with no harmful side effects. Here’s one that I recommend, called Mastermind.

13. Reach out

Every college and university has services you can reach out to if you need to talk to someone about your anxieties. Sometimes just talking about your concerns helps eliminate them!

14. Don’t worry about what you can’t change

Try not to worry about the student debt you’re accumulating. When you’re finished your studies, you’ll find a way to pay back your loans. What you’re learning now will give you the skills to fix those things later, so don’t pend so much time worrying that you miss those lessons.

By following my tips above, we can eliminate stress in college students! Concentrating on positive and healthy solutions can go a long way in self-management. College and university can be a wonderful and creative experience for you. Focus, live a healthy lifestyle, and love life during these important years while finding out who you are.

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  1. All of your tips are spot on. It’s so important to start learning to cope with everyday stress early on in life. It’s such a good habit to find ways to make your days better. #15 – YES!! Stop stressing about the crap we cannot or do not have any control over.

    Thanks for sharing hun.

  2. Gosh I could of done with an article like this during my college days. However, may I just say that these wonderful techniques can be applied to all kind of stress actually. The technology one is the biggest I reckon, it’s so important to dedicate a snippet of your day to being tech free. xxx

  3. Some really good tips here, studying can be so stressful and I do think being online so much can have a negative effect when you are stressed too. I found doing lots of planning engendering helped me !

  4. Yes, yes, yes! I just recently graduated, but I can definitely relate to all of these. Sadly, I learned most of these from experience, but the students that learn these tips early on are so lucky!

    Sydney Meek |

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