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I would argue I’m a pretty confident person.

For example, during a game of Therapy back in college, I was unanimously voted most likely to be comfortable visiting a nudist colony. That being said, there are parts of myself that I have a hard time embracing. One of them is my stained teeth. That’s why I was so excited when Smile Brilliant contacted me about doing a post– I was going to be able to do some teeth whitening!

(Or was I? Read on.)

It’s very unfortunate that the two things I use as fuel to get me through these loooong days as a grad student, intern, substitute teacher, blogger and tutor, also cause stained teeth. They are coffee and red wine. I’d wager that you guys run on some pretty similar stuff, being that we’re all in the same boat here. We all do a million things every day trying to secure a life that actually allows us to relax! (Ironic, isn’t it?) Speaking for myself, I couldn’t do what I do without coffee and wine.

No, like, you don’t understand. The Dunkin employees know my name and order at not one, but two different locations. One near work, one near school. And as for the wine, I don’t care if you’re a 300 pound big scary man. A couple glasses of Franzia and you’ll be completely relaxed. And giggly. Sadly though, all magic comes at a price: stained teeth.

Enter Smile Brilliant- a personalized teeth whitening kit that can fix your stained teeth for way less than a dentist, and on your own time.

Jake!! You can’t whiten YOUR teeth!


Your Smile Brilliant kit includes your teeth whitening gel and desensitizing gel. It also has the putty for your impressions, and a prepaid envelope to send them to the lab!


When I say personalized, I mean you can literally whiten your teeth no matter who you are. They have different regimens based on how sensitive and stained your teeth are.

Unless, of course, you’re me. As it turns out, I have these spots called decalcification. That means I don’t have enough calcium there, and according to my dentist, you shouldn’t whiten your teeth if you have them because you’re more likely to damage your enamel. Smile Brilliant has a whole article about it on their website.

Thankfully, they’re a transparent company that wasn’t interested in convincing me the product was for me. Their goal is NOT to make the sale no matter what– it’s really to make people’s smiles look beautiful and healthy! They immediately told me they would never ask me to go against my dentist’s wishes, and we worked out an alternate way to continue our collaboration. I still got to use my custom trays, too. Look how subtle they are! Very much unlike regular whitening strips, I might actually wear these while I’m out conquering the world.

Can you even tell I’m whitening in this selfie!?


whitening strips
The impressions I made! I sent this back to the Smile Brilliant lab, and in a few days, I had molds that could whiten way better than plain old whitening strips!


stained teeth
Your case– because you can keep these molds and whiten your teeth again if you can’t keep away from the wine 🙂


Lucky for me, Smile Brilliant is a different way to whiten your teeth.

Generally, whitening strips cause a lot of sensitivity, but they’ve solved that problem by also offering something called a desensitizing gel. After you whiten, which opens pores in your teeth wider to let stains out, you desensitize, which blocks them. Even though I couldn’t use the whitening gel, I could still use the desensitizing gel to stop that nails-on-a-chalkboard feeling I get from extreme temperatures getting in those pores. I KNOW you guys don’t have space in your brain to be worrying about what foods are going to bother your teeth.

The desensitizing gel takes just fifteen minutes of your life, and it stops all sensitivity, not just sensitivity from the whitening. And since its job is to help rehydrate teeth after they’ve been stripped from whitening, it can also help reduce the appearance of those decalcification spots, if you have them like I do. That means a pretty, single-toned smile without having to devote any time or energy. Wanna see my before and after? How much brighter are my teeth, and how much less visible are those weird white spots in the bottom photo?!

Smile Brilliant
Smile Brilliant has a desensitizing gel that re-hydrates teeth, allowing them to brighten and even out, even when you have decalcification spots like me!


teeth whitening
Apparently you’re not supposed to whiten your teeth when you have a funky tooth makeup like mine. Luckily I could still use desensitizing gel to get rid of white spots!


whiten your teeth
Not like whitening strips! These are the molds Smile Brilliant sent back to me from those big blue impressions I made.


“Great– so they whiten your teeth better than your average whitening strips. My dentist can do that?!”

Sure, but for me, here’s where Smile Brilliant beats your dentist: price.

Listen, I’m so broke it hurts. I’m an intern; I work long freakin’ hours for FREE. So, when Smile Brilliant told me there was a way I could whiten my teeth for a fraction of the cost of the dentist, I was interested. Turns out, the biggest expense of your dental visit for whitening is the visit itself. When Smile Brilliant cut that by sending the product to you, they were able to cut the cost a TON!

I’ll be honest. Teeth whitening wouldn’t have been the first thing on my mind had I not been offered the product in order to write this post. It’s definitely cheaper than a dental visit, but of course, it still costs money. If you’re like me and you’re not into that whole money-spending thing at all, I do have another option for you.

Smile Brilliant and I are hosting a giveaway!

Remember how I said when I hit 1,000 Twitter followers, I would host a giveaway?! Well, we did it! I appreciate your support so much, and I want to thank you for it. My gift to you is this: one lucky winner will receive a personalized Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit for FREE. That’s worth $139! Are you interested?! You can enter by clicking here and entering your name and email. That’s all! By doing that, you’re entering the giveaway, and joining my email list, which gives you exclusive access to future giveaways and other freebies. Don’t mull it over for too long though, because the opportunity closes on October 31st.

If you’re not a lucky person, you don’t have to worry! I also have a coupon code for ya. Visit the Smile Brilliant site, choose your product, and enter “myuninspiredblog10” at checkout for 10% off!

So what are you waiting for?! Get the gorgeous smile you deserve while you conquer the world!

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    • You totally should! I’m only a little sensitive because I already use Sensodyne, but the gel got rid of all the leftover sensitivity I was feeling AND it made my teeth brighter without even whitening. All I did was nourish them a little!

  1. Your experience was a fun read. I’d love to participate but I’m from a whole different country. Can people from the far off places participate?

    • Hey there! The giveaway is open to residents of the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia! 🙂 Thanks so much for your interest, and good luck!

    • Enter the giveaway!! A risk free way to give it a try 🙂 If you don’t win, I can also offer you 10% off any purchase you decide to make if you use the code “myuninspiredblog10” at checkout. Good luck and enjoy that wine 😉

  2. Teeth whitening can be painful especially for those with sensitive teeth, you have explained things so well and in an easy to understand way.
    Do you think whitening teeth can affect gums? thanks for sharing

  3. love that the company was concerned about you as a person, and just you as a sale. what a great company to want to support.

    • I know right!! That’s my favorite thing about them. Not only were they genuinely concerned for my health, they knew exactly what to do about the problem and it worked!

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