• Yeah it looks pretty weird at first so I can understand you seeing that live video and being like… huh?! 🙂 But it works for literally millions of people so there’s a good chance it’ll help ya!

  1. Nicole, I see what you mean by ‘weird natural solution’. I enjoyed your post and reviewed all the methods. Usually, my method is just to stay off the electronics for 1 hour before going to bed. Out of all of these ASMR Tapping video almost put me to sleep in just 3 minutes. That guy also has a really nice mic. Thanks for broadening horizons and a well structured post.

  2. Interesting article. Not sure if I ever felt tingling sensation (maybe I just don’t know what it was). I can see how whispering/talking softly to a partner/friend would trigger it.

  3. This sounds incredibly interesting and worth a try – I am useless when it comes to getting to sleep. But once asleep, I can stay there for HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS! Thank you for the advice and opening my eyes to something new, definitely going to be ASMR techniques a try!

  4. This is so neat!!!! Last night was a really rough night for me, but I am so going to try this if tonight ends up being the same… Thanks so much for sharing this trick!

  5. This is super interesting! I have Graves Disease (it’s in remission, thankfully) and when it was super active I had horrible insomnia. I’ll keep this in mind if I ever have to deal with it again in the future :). Thank you!

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