• Yes and no! On the yes side, it’s an easy, secure way of getting paid that you don’t have to work into your own website somehow. And also, sellers don’t have to sit and hope for buyers to find them, as there’s a sort of want-ad section where people post the kind of jobs they’re looking for, and you can apply. On the no side, the market is a little saturated so I’d imagine there’s a lot of competition. I haven’t ever tried to sell anything on Fiverr, but just from poking around, it seems that a few people dominate the market in each category, with thousands of ratings/sales, then it jumps down to like, four. I say it’s worth a shot, but I’d do a lot of your own advertising in FB groups and such, then just point them to your Fiverr page for payment.

  1. I’ve heard of Fiverr but thought it was a writing service. Had no idea they have people who help with various WordPress issues and setup. Good to know!

    • There definitely is a large presence of ghost writers, editors, and the like, but yes! All this is here too! I hope it helps you find what you’re looking for next time you need some help!

  2. I have had a very bad and some very good experiences. Luckily, the first ones were the positive 😀
    My negative one was with some social media job, I didn’t get what I wanted so I didn’t give a positive review. Then, the girl started to write me messages begging for changing my review. It wasn’t pleasant 🙁
    Now, I want to find a VA there, I’m optimistic – I have more positive experiences than just this one negative.

    • Ohhh no that’s so frustrating!! I don’t see how she could think that kind of behavior would be good for business 🙁 Hope you find someone good to be your VA there though!

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