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Practicing self-care is crazy important for people in their twenties.

I mean, practicing self-care is important for everyone, and not just on Mental Health Monday (I’ll explain later). But it’s a lot easier to build good habits in your twenties than your forties. Or fifties. If you start taking care of yourself now, it won’t be such a struggle in years to come.

And I’m sure, right now it feels like a struggle.

A lot of my clients who come in for therapy tell me they feel guilty taking care of themselves when there are so many things and people that need their attention. My response to them is that they can be of no help to those people and things if they’re burnt out. It’s simple math– Suzie can’t give Tammar 60 watermelons if she only has one. (Anyone else learn simple math with problems like that?)

Anyway, that’s part of why I’m writing this post. A lot of you out there need help practicing self-care, whether it’s because you feel guilty, don’t know how you should prioritize, or don’t know how to take care of yourself. So, at the end of this post, you’ll find a list of 25 blog posts from all over the internet chock full of ways you can start practicing self-care. And there isn’t a more perfect day than today to start this conversation! It’s the first day of Spring, it’s the International Day of Happiness, and now it’s the first of many Mental Health Monday posts! I’ll explain.

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Mental Health Monday will be a new series here at Uninspired.

On Facebook this week, I asked if anyone would be interested in a series about mental health and practicing self-care, and got an overwhelming one hundred responses. The people have spoken. They want Mental Health Monday.

Mental Health Monday will involve lovely guest bloggers who have volunteered to share their personal experiences with mental health. So far, I have bloggers willing to write about anxiety, depression, sobriety, and even emotional support animals. The best part? If nothing resonates with you, you can pitch it to me!

As I said earlier, I’m writing this post because y’all need to take care of yourselves. But I’m starting this series for a deeper reason. Being in psychology, I’m talking about mental health constantly. Sometimes I forget everyone isn’t so lucky. In many families and cultures (or *ahem* entire genders), it’s frowned upon to talk about problems. Check out this comment from a reader:

“Nicole, this is the first time I have even had a discussion [with] others about this stuff! No clue people were open and accepting.”

Girl. Pull up a chair, make some tea, we’re gonna talk about this shit ’til we’re blue in the damn face. It makes me so sad to think of how easy it was to find someone who needed to talk and needed a community, but didn’t even know such a thing existed.

So like, Mental Health Monday is really important you guys, and I’m so glad you’re in it with me. We’re gonna help so many people.


Because of how personal and potentially triggering Mental Health Monday can be, I’m offering you guys a free printable list of mental health resources. It contains both emergency hotlines and more casual online counseling services like BetterHelp depending on your needs. While these posts will be motivating and comforting, they cannot take the place of trained professionals. Please, if you’re looking for a sign to get help, claim your list right here:



The International Day of Happiness- Helping You With Practicing Self-Care

I just started collecting drafts, so no guest blogger today. But I do want to jump right into talking about mental health and practicing self-care! Like I said earlier, it’s the perfect day to do so, because it’s the International Day of Happiness.

IDOH is a new concept. In 2013, all 193 members of the United Nations decided happiness needed to be a higher priority. They dubbed March 20th the day to celebrate relationships and take care of yourself. In college, I organized lots of events to commemorate the day. We gave away free Rita’s Italian Ice, free hugs, and passed out information on practicing self-care. For at least one day, people filled up on love and motivation to give to others.

Since I’m no longer in college, gone are the days when my main obligation was spending hours in the sunny quad passing out hugs. I just finished a statistics exam after a full day chasing third graders. After this, I’m going to my third job as a tutor.

So, for this one day, do yourself a favor and do ONE thing from any of these wonderful lists I’ve compiled. If it doesn’t work, try another. Rinse and repeat as needed. I promise you, you’ll thank me in a few years when your stress levels are lower than your peers’. You can thank me later today, when you feel more energized and motivated to keep doing your best. But the best part is– you can thank yourself for giving you what you need.

That was cheesy. Here’s the list:

Treat yo self! Your twenties are the best time to start practicing self-care. And what better day to start than Mental Health Monday AND the International Day of Happiness? Here's a list of 25 blog posts that will teach you to put yourself first for once.

25 Lists of Ways You Can Start Practicing Self-Care

  1.  21 Self Care Practices for the Mind, Body and Soul
  2. How to Create an Evening Self Care Routine
  3. 101 Self Care Activities
  4.  100 Ways to Practice Self-Care
  5.  50 Items to Have in Your Self-Care Sanctuary
  6.  7 Ways to Practice Self-Care This Weekend
  7.  How to Create a Self-Care Retreat
  8.  22 Ways to Treat Yo Self Without Spending Money
  9.  Self-Care Ideas for Spring
  10.  3 Ways Self-Care Helps Me Tackle Tough Times
  11.  50 Things to Do When You’re Feeling Stressed
  12.  Self-Care for Health Pros
  13.  How to Practice Self-Care Like a Boss
  14.  How to Start a Self-Care Routine
  15.  64 Ideas for Self-Care When Life Gets Hard
  16.  10 Effective Self-Care Rituals for Stressed Out, Overwhelmed, Highly Sensitives
  17.  My Nightly Self-Care Routine
  18.  15 Self-Care Tips for the Winter Blues
  19.  How and Why to Practice Self-Care
  20.  5 Self-Care and Inspiration Blogs to Follow
  21.  101 Self-Care Ideas
  22. 25 Self Care Ideas for Bad Days
  23. 101 Useful Ways to Practice Self-Care
  24. 15 Ways to Practice Self-Care
  25. A Beginner’s Guide to Self-Care

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