1. Ah man good on you for writing this! I’m planning on writing a post on travel romance (which I will email you about later) soon because it is all kinds of crazy!

    I’ve never been able to master tinder, I redownloaded it when I got to Sydney and got one match which said “Big spoon or little spoon?” My thoughts “I can’t do this.” And I deleted the app again.

    Dating and tinder is such an abstract concept to me, I want to put myself out there and yet I’m put off by how superficial it feels. I choose to go with the wait till it finds me game, but that’s had limited success so far.

    Oh the joys of being a twenty-something ?

    • I feel the same way, like I want to be a part of this trend because it seems to work for so many people, but I just don’t get great vibes from it when I use it myself. However, I’m betting that it’s all in how we use it. If fewer people found it socially acceptable to treat people like garbage because they’re only looking for a casual hookup with them, fewer people would act so superficial. It wouldn’t get them anywhere.

      Yes, so many joys 🙂 at least we all have each other to vent about it with! Looking forward to your email

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  3. Jess

    Oh my goodness! Yes. So much yes. I have been told and said on multiple occasions that I should share my online dating experiences. I am so glad that someone is!! lol! It’s a scary place out there! 🙂

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